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Forschungszentrum Jülich - Annual Report 2012

66 Jülich research provides answers to fundamental questions. It also drives innovations that are worth their weight in gold and benefit both industry and society. A steady flow of new patent applications and numerous licensing agreements testify to this. Jülich Know-How in Industry and Society Number of licences 2012 Total number 100 of which new 6 of which discontinuing 18 Total share foreign 31 Share USA (most important partner country) 12 Share SMEs 69 Licences Income from licences 2012 € 1.12 million Total number of protective rights in 2012 (Patents, patent applications and utility models in Germany and abroad) 2002 7,413 2003 8,705 2004 13,301 2005 17,054 2006 17,710 2007 15,625 2008 16,276 2009 15,377 2010 14,793 2011 16,159 2012 16,892 Patents Patents 2012* Patent applications Germany 47 of which priority applications 45 Patent applications abroad 36 of which priority applications 3 Forschungszentrum Jülich | Annual Report 2012 * By filing a patent application, the applicant obtains a right of priority, which allows them to file additional applications (e.g. abroad) within a year of filing the original application, claiming the right of priority. Patent applications based on the right of priority include the original applications in the period under review. Total patents granted 82 of which technologies for which a patent was granted for the first time 25 Patents granted Germany 12 Patents granted abroad 70 Total number of protective rights 2012 16,892