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Forschungszentrum Jülich - Annual Report 2012

Tailor-Made Nanomagnets 29 April 2012 | The journal Nature Physics publishes research results that pave the way towards tailor-made nanomagnets for future information technology. On a copper surface, researchers from the University of Hamburg arranged individual iron atoms in patterns. Jülich scientists calculated the magnetic properties of these structures using a self- developed method from theoretical physics. Study on Synaesthesia 30 May 2012 | There are people who see numbers in colours or taste words: in synaesthetes, sensory impressions are linked to each other in an extraordinary way. In the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists from Jülich and Munich report that in synaesthetes, certain networks are indeed more strongly linked than in those who do not have this gift. They discovered this by means of structural magnetic resonance imaging. Simulating a Proton Race 6 June 2012 | Jülich researchers have simulated the proton migration on the cell membrane that is important in the formation of ATP, the main energy source of cells. The sim- ulation provides an explanation for the high speed of the protons measured by the cooperation partner in Linz (Aus- tria). The scientists discovered a previously unknown bound- ary layer along which protons can move practically unimped- ed without becoming detached from the membrane surface. They report on their results in the journal PNAS. Annual Report 2012 | Forschungszentrum Jülich 9