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Forschungszentrum Jülich - Annual Report 2011

CreatingKnowledge Annual Report 2011 | Forschungszentrum Jülich 47 Total appointments as of 31.12.2011 University Jülich model Reverse model Total FH Aachen 8 8 HHU Düsseldorf 11 2 13 RWTH Aachen 31 6 37 Uni Bochum 3 3 Uni Bonn 5 3 8 Uni Duisburg-Es- sen 1 1 Uni Cologne 6 1 7 Uni Münster 1 1 Uni Regensburg 1 1 Uni Wuppertal 3 3 Total 70 12 82 New appointments 2011 University Jülich model Reverse model Total FH Aachen 1 1 HHU Düsseldorf 2 2 RWTH Aachen 8 2 10 Uni Bonn 1 1 Uni Regensburg 1 1 Total 12 3 15 Joint appointments with universities Helmholtz professorships Includes only those professors appointed to grades W1, W2 or W3 according to the (reverse) Jülich model. Jülich model: Directors of institutes at Forschungszentrum Jülich are appointed professor in a joint procedure with one of the neighbouring universities and are simultaneously second- ed by the university to Forschungszentrum Jülich in order to fulfil their duties as head of in- stitute at Jülich. Reverse Jülich model: Professors whose primary employment is at their university also work as directors of an institute at Jülich (secondary employment). In recognition of his excellent scientific achievements, Forschungszentrum Jül- ich conferred a Helmholtz professorship on Prof. Siegfried Mantl (Peter Grün- berg Institute) in April 2011, thus retain- ing his outstanding expertise in the field of application-oriented semiconductor nanotechnology. The physicist intends to use the resources associated with this professorship to continue working with his research group and to cooper- ate with leading industrial companies in order to advance basic research for the nanoelectronics of the future. Prof. Peter H. Dederichs from the Peter Grünberg Institute became a Helmholtz professor in February 2012. The profes- sorship is intended to pay tribute to the scientific work of those who receive it, said Prof. Achim Bachem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Forschungs- zentrum Jülich, at the award ceremony. Following Peter Grünberg and Siegfried Mantl, Dederichs is the third Jülich sci- entist to be awarded a Helmholtz pro- fessorship. Helmholtz professorships were set up in 2007 to recognize and honour sci- entists with exceptional innovative achievements and an international repu- tation. It is one of the Helmholtz Associ- ation’s funding instruments and makes it possible to keep outstanding scien- tists on at one of the Helmholtz centres after they have reached the age of re- tirement for an initial period of three years. Simultaneously, it is also intend- ed to prevent older leading researchers from leaving Germany for a position abroad. Leading researchers can continue their work at Forschungszentrum Jülich beyond the age of retirement thanks to the Helmholtz professorships. Prof. Siegfried Mantl (left) and Prof. Peter H. Dederichs (right).