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Forschungszentrum Jülich - Annual Report 2011

April 2011 to May 2012 Chronology Value Notions Decisive 1 April 2011 | What brain region is active when humans have to make a decision as to whether the concept of achieve- ment or loyalty is more important to them? It depends, ac- cording to brain researchers at Jülich who published their explanation online in PLoS ONE. In individualists, who tend to have an affinity for value concepts that gratify their de- sire for self-fulfilment, the limbic system is active. In com- munity-oriented people, in contrast, the parietal and frontal lobes are active. Simplifying the Complex 16 April 2011 | Plastic melts, dispersion paints and blood are examples of complex fluids. Researchers from Jülich, Vi- enna, Rome and Grenoble outline a theory in Physical Review Letters that reduces the diverse interactions in such liquids to forces between the molecular centres of gravity. The the- ory makes it much easier to predict the properties of com- plex mixtures. Simulating the Human Brain 11 May 2011 | In Berlin, scientists from Lausanne, Jülich, Munich and Heidelberg present their contribution to the Hu- man Brain Project. The aim of this ambitious project is a de- tailed biological simulation of the human brain in its entirety. By using this simulation to study the functional principles of the brain, the scientists hope to gain new insights that will in- spire more powerful and energy-efficient computers. 8