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Forschungszentrum Jülich - Annual Report 2011

5757Annual Report 2011 | Forschungszentrum Jülich Facts & Figures Whoever shares their knowledge wins in so many ways. Forschungszentrum Jülich works with numerous partners from science and industry on both a national and international level and it does so to the benefit of all involved. In many projects, Jülich scientists are responsible for the coordination. Nationally funded projects coordinated by Forschungszentrum Jülich (examples) Title Funded by Contract volume Jülich MEM-BRAIN HGF € 11,085,000 Participation of Helmholtz Association centres in the re-design phase of ESS BMBF € 8,989,980 HGF systems biology initiative; health network; The human brain model: Connecting neuronal structure and function across temporal and spatial scales (Network 7; NW7, Human Brain) HGF € 4,348,800 Extensive light trapping in silicon-based thin-film solar-cell technology (LIST), subproject: Optical functional layers and transparent contacts BMU € 1,956,628 Device & Circuit Performance Boosted through Silicon Material Fabrication (DECISIF) BMBF € 1,598,921 New absorber materials for thin-film solar cells with nanoparticles made of materials with unlimited availability (innovation alliance photovoltaics) (NADNuM) BMBF € 1,320,731 Corynebacterium: Improvement of flexibility and fitness for industrial production (FlexFit) BMBF € 1,257,056 Virtual Institute Inverse Modelling of Terrestrial Systems (INVEST) HGF € 885,000 Biodosimetry: A systems biology approach for radiation biodosimetry and the analysis of individual radiation sensitivity; funding initiative radiation research network of competence; maintaining competence in radiation research BMBF € 686,460 Systems biology characterization of the energy budget of Corynebacterium glutamicum (SysEnCor) BMBF € 545,653 Living with undesired co-habitants: Plant and animal responses to bacterial invasions – subproject 1 (ERA-NET ERASysBio+) BMBF € 544,932 Collaborative project: Optimization of light management in thin-film solar cells using plasmon effects in nanostructures; subproject: Modelling and implementation of plasmon effects in silicon thin-film solar cells (SunPlas) BMBF € 491,040 Development of a high-energy electron cooler for hadron physics experiments at COSY and HESR HRJRG – Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Group (IVF) HGF € 359,760 Indo-German Partnership: Imparting drought stress tolerance to crop plants by heterologous transfer of high-altitude plant protection mechanisms BMBF € 307,678 Grid integration of electrified drive systems into existing and future energy supply structures (NET-ELAN) BMWi € 305,804 National EU cooperations SharingKnowledge